Welcome to my blog. I'm an infertile 36-year-old woman who is cranky as hell. Somehow I found a wonderful, kind, considerate man to marry me.

We've been trying to start a family for 5 years - starting in 2002 when I was a mere 31 years old. Having been through many cycles of fertility drugs, 3 IUIs, 4 failed IVF cycles, 2 ruptured ectopic pregnancies, 2 emergency surgeries, and one sterilization surgery, we gave up treatment and adopted a beautiful baby boy from Korea.

And yes, it was worth the struggle. I'd do it all again if it meant I'd get to be the mother of my wonderful son.

This blog was formerly called "In a Holding Pattern..." to describe the complete unchanging state of our existance since we started trying to conceive years ago. Every day was the same. We almost never vacationed because of the demands of treatments and surgery. Because I always hoped to be pregnant next month, I gave up many hobbies and career opportunities incompatible with pregnancy. Meanwhile, everyone around us started their families, while we were stuck in an in-between state.

But today, at long last, we have finally landed. We are a family at last.


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One of my policies is to keep this blog focused on infertility and adoption. I don't do memes. And I swear. A lot. Sometimes I am blasphemous. I occassionally go off on feminist, anti-Republican, or anti-religion rants. You've been warned. Holy rollers, please move along to another blog.