Total Expenses So Far: $21,531

Select country (Korea) (11/14/05)

Select agency (11/17/05)

Tell our families

Receive preliminary application

Preliminary App filed (12/5/05):

Receive Big App (12/15/05)

Receive Korea Adoption Guidebook

Home Study Paperwork: (1/19/06)

All 4 non-relative references return 3-page, 10-essay questionnaires directly to agency (1/28/06)

Home Study Part 2: (4/3/2006)

Agency sends Home Study to Korea (HSTK) (4/7/2006)

Sign up for modules 3 & 4 of agency parenting class

Take modules 3 & 4 of agency parenting class (4/9/06)

I-600A filed with US-CIS (Advanced Processing of Orphan Petition for Visa) (4/6/2006):

FBI Fingerprinting:

Receive I-171H (Approval of I-600A) (5/11/06)

Pick baby name

Arrange for medical evaluation of referral

Receive Referral (12/29/06)

Medical evaluation of Referral by Oakland Children's Hospital (1/10/2007)

File Referral Acceptance Paperwork: ($140 + $12) (1/6/2007)

Receive child's "legals" from Korea (in English & Korean): (1/22/2007)

I-600 visa petition form filed w/ US-CIS: (1/25/2007)

Meanwhile, the Korean agency works away:

Resubmit our I-600 visa petition after US-CIS screws up (2/9/2007)

Buy baby gear (3/17/07)

Baby CPR & safety class (2/17/07)

Line up a regular pediatrician (3/5/07)

Line up a pediatric cardiologist (3/14/07)

Investigate childcare options (3/17/07)

Line up Daycare (5/25/07)

Get on preschool waiting list (1/5/07)

Setup nursery(3/19/07)

Get life insurance for both

Write wills with statements of guardianship wishes (both)

Set up trust

S: Get pre-approval family leave with HR (1/24/2007)

Buy gifts for foster family, Korean agency staff (3/16/07)

Make travel arrangements to Korea ($185 plus 240,000 frequent flyer miles) (3/13/07)

Wrap-up job for a 15-week leave (3/12/07-3/16/07)

Finalize leave plans with HR (3/15/07)

Travel to Korea (3/19/07 - 3/25/07)

USA Medical Evaluations

Receive Placement Confirmation Notice from Agency (3/28/06)

Receive baby's Green Card in mail (4/16/07)

Get social security number under baby's Korean Name as permanent resident (4/27/07)

Receive post-placement packet in mail from Agency(4/15/07)

Post-placement visits from social worker: (9/12/07)

Create and file child "progress reports" with 8-18 photos each, for Korean agency and government, and a letter with photos for foster family (9/12/07)

File US Physician's Examination Report with Agency (4/17/07)

File Adoption Finalization Paperwork in our county in California (5/1/07) ($20)

RE-File Finalization Paperwork the State changed in July '07 (ARGH!) (11/13/07)

Finalize Adoption in County Court

Secure proof of US citizenship for child:

Start the process all over again for kid #2!