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Oct 19, 2005




I don't have the energy to do treatment and ward off these imbeciles. I loathe, "I don't care about you because I got mine" attitude. Her arguments, if you can call them that, are just full of shit and completely unlogical -- to even the most pedestrian (that would be me).

I always have to laugh when people tell me I brought my infertility on myself because of my career. That's such a joke since I've never had a career, just a job. Nothing more than a job, my whole life. We don't have to talk about the real cause why a 36 year old woman (at the time) who was healthy suddenly lost the ability to reproduce -- like, all the toxic assholes in the world like her that unfortunately crossed my path and made my life miserable. I escaped, just unfortantely, not in enough time because I didn't get married until I was 37.


Here's something I found from her "bio", which she herself wrote as Tricia Shore: "Bitter? Would you be bitter for being separated from your family for over 34 years? ...Oh, and Tricia has almost forgotten—she is supposed to be extremely grateful, as all adoptees should be, for having been separated from her family for all those years. Gee, thanks!"

Bitter...Bitter, table for one.

I'd say she has definitely got issues. She unfairly and incorrectly relates her pathetic existance to what all adoptees should feel. Don't let her take up any more of your precious time and energy than she already has, you've got way more deserving issues to attend to.


Ah yes, what would this woman make of cases like this one that's being reported today?




I was going to write her a little love note, but I thought, you know, what's the point? She OBVIOUSLY has some issues regarding her own adoption. And the world must always be as she has experienced it. I just don't think it's worth my energy to try to educate her.


It pisses me off but only fleetingly as it is clear that she is channelling unresolved issues around her own adoption into a diatribe pitted against people whose desires and goals she can't possibly have the slightest clue about. Plus her writing is so clunky that her point, if she has one, gets lost in the clunkiness. I wouldn't worry about her.


She is a sad, pathetic woman. PATHETIC. Sounds like she had crappy parents to me, and is taking out a crappy childhood on anyone who has had a positive adoption experience.

Is she trying to say that my dad (adoptive) is not really my dad? That some guy who was ashamed to tell anyone that I existed, even after I met him at the age of 29, is my family? Well, she can just fuck right off...


I hope her children will be gay, and infertile. (They probably won't have the courage to tell her though) Not to punish her for having such pathetic opinons, but to give her a chance to become more compassionate. Like a real christian.


God, you rock so hard it hurts. LOVE this rant.


Yeah, that woman has problems with a capital C-R-A-Z-Y.

She thinks women are "too busy to have sex" and do IVF instead? Because IVF takes like, what, five, ten minutes, tops?


Now that is one psychotic BITCH if I've ever seen one.


I love how not only are we choosing to use ART because we're too busy to have sex, we're also going to have live-in nannys so that we don't have to look after the result of ART. Because we're all so busy.

And how IVF equates to instant children.

I think it's horrible that people can spew such hate and poison. It makes me really sad.


She sounds like a certifiable nut case not worthy of your time.

So I suppose when one of the children she conceived comes down with a fatal illness, she will refuse all treatment for them because obviously God wants them to die.



Yeah, that bitch made my day today, too. UGH!


Hi Susan!

While I agree that this woman says a lot of hurtful and wrong things in her article, I kind of get her point re some of the adoption stuff. She seems to have had a hard time with her own ado, and she is as entitled to feel pissed and hurt and cheated by this as we infertiles are about our IF.Adoption CAN be a great experience, no doubt about this, but like everything else, it can go south seriously.I have lived through a failed one, which has caused some permanent health damage, so I feel that I know where this aouthor comes from. Plus, I do agree with her that at least with an ado from a third world country, there are ethical issues such as you never know if the birthmom was not really forced to give up that child.


You know, I had a failed marriage, which was pretty unpleasant and really messed with my head, but it doesn't mean I go around crusading against marriage as an institution. Nor does it entitle me to spout off to newlyweds about how they're making the biggest mistake of their lives and declare that all marriage should be outlawed.

Certainly, everybody is entitled to their feelings, but the fact that this woman thinks that her experience alone is the universal truth and should be used as the last word on adoption? It's, um, egotistical on a really mindboggling scale, and more than just a wee bit nuts.

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    Select country (Korea) (11/14/05)

    Select agency (11/17/05)

    Tell our families

    Receive preliminary application

    Preliminary App filed (12/5/05):

    • Fill in application
    • Photo of us, photo of house
    • Write medical statement, elaborating on treatment for depression
    • Line up four non-relative references
    • One copy of tax returns from past three years
    • Pay $200 fee
    • Notarized adoption services agreement $10
    • Fedex to Agency $15

    Receive Big App (12/15/05)

    Receive Korea Adoption Guidebook

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    • S: Medical Exam, including HIV and TB tests
    • S: Medical Report filled out by doctor
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    • T: 1 photocopy birth certificate
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    • T: Criminal Record Statement
    • T: LiveScan fingerprint form (for State of California: criminal and child abuse index)
    • T: Schedule LiveScan fingerprinting appointments
    • T: LiveScan fingerprints done, pay $65
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    • T: Medical Report filled out by doctor
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    • 1 photocopy marriage license
    • Photo of baby's room
    • Map & directions to home
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    • FedEx packet to agency, $15 (1/12/06)
    All 4 non-relative references return 3-page, 10-essay questionnaires directly to agency (1/28/06)

    Home Study Part 2: (4/3/2006)

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    • Schedule social worker visits (2/10/06)
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    • Acceptable Medical Conditions Form (2/27/06)
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    • Social worker visit #3 (T only) (2/28/06)
    • Sign up for module 1 & 2 of parenting class
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    Sign up for modules 3 & 4 of agency parenting class

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    I-600A filed with US-CIS (Advanced Processing of Orphan Petition for Visa) (4/6/2006):

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    • S: Photocopy of birth certificate
    • T: Photocopy of birth certificate
    • Photocopy of marriage license
    • Copy of most recent federal tax return
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    • Copy all for records
    • Mail to US-CIS San Francisco

    FBI Fingerprinting:

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    • FBI Fingerprinting appt. scheduled (different than LiveScan fingerprints)
    • FBI Fingerprinting completed, for each (4/28/06)

    Receive I-171H (Approval of I-600A) (5/11/06)

    Pick baby name

    Arrange for medical evaluation of referral

    Receive Referral (12/29/06)

    • Child's presentation letter
    • Child's information
    • Photographs
    • Medical records
    • Confidential background information

    Medical evaluation of Referral by Oakland Children's Hospital (1/10/2007)

    File Referral Acceptance Paperwork: ($140 + $12) (1/6/2007)

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    • Copy of entire last year tax return, with ALL attachments
    • Copy of all last year W-2 and 1099 forms
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    • T: Copy of 2006 paystubs
    • S: Copy of 2006 paystubs
    • Photocopy of marriage license (again)
    • Photocopy everything for records
    • FedEx to agency (1/6/2007)

    Receive child's "legals" from Korea (in English & Korean): (1/22/2007)

    • Affirmation and Oath Certificate (attests these documents are true and correct)
    • Certificate of the Guardian (certifies Korean agency was guardian)
    • Statement of Guardianship (transfers guardianship from Korean agency to American agency)
    • Extract of Family Register (birth certificate equivalent)

    I-600 visa petition form filed w/ US-CIS: (1/25/2007)

    • I-600 form
    • Copy of I-171H
    • Copies of child's legals
    • Originals of child's legals, with note and SASE envelope requesting they be returned
    • Copy of child report
    • Copy of child photos
    • Copy of most recent 1040 tax form
    • Copy of I-864
    • Copy of I-864A
    • Letter with visa cable instructions
    • Fedex to US-CIS San Francisco $25

    Meanwhile, the Korean agency works away:

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    • Baby tested for Hepatitis B & HIV
    • Visa physical for baby
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    Resubmit our I-600 visa petition after US-CIS screws up (2/9/2007)

    Buy baby gear (3/17/07)

    Baby CPR & safety class (2/17/07)

    Line up a regular pediatrician (3/5/07)

    Line up a pediatric cardiologist (3/14/07)

    Investigate childcare options (3/17/07)

    Line up Daycare (5/25/07)

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    Setup nursery(3/19/07)

    Get life insurance for both

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    Set up trust

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    Wrap-up job for a 15-week leave (3/12/07-3/16/07)

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    Travel to Korea (3/19/07 - 3/25/07)

    • Meet both foster mothers (3/21/07, 3/22/07, 3/23/07)
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    • Go to US Embassy in Seoul to process Class-B Waiver (acceptance of medical condition) 3/22/07
    • Get the final Visa paperwork (3/22/07)
    • Take custody of child! (3/23/07)
    • Long plane ride back to USA (3/25/07)

    USA Medical Evaluations

    • Add baby to my health insurance (3/28/07)
    • Evaluation by regular pediatrician (3/30/07)
    • US immunizations (3/30/07)
    • Evaluation by pediatric cardiologist (4/18/07)
    Receive Placement Confirmation Notice from Agency (3/28/06)

    Receive baby's Green Card in mail (4/16/07)

    Get social security number under baby's Korean Name as permanent resident (4/27/07)

    Receive post-placement packet in mail from Agency(4/15/07)

    Post-placement visits from social worker: (9/12/07)

    • Visit #1 (4/28/07)
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    • Visit #3 (7/26/07)
    • Visit #4 (9/12/07)

    Create and file child "progress reports" with 8-18 photos each, for Korean agency and government, and a letter with photos for foster family (9/12/07)

    • 1-month progress report (4/28/07)
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    • 4-month progress report (7/26/07)
    • 6-month progress report (9/12/07)

    File US Physician's Examination Report with Agency (4/17/07)

    File Adoption Finalization Paperwork in our county in California (5/1/07) ($20)

    • Form ADOPT-200 (Adoption Request) (5/1/07)
    • Form ADOPT-210 (Adoption Agreement) (5/1/07)
    • Form ADOPT-215 (Adoption Order) (5/1/07)
    • Form ADOPT-230 (Adoption Expenses) (5/1/07)

    RE-File Finalization Paperwork the State changed in July '07 (ARGH!) (11/13/07)

    • Form ADOPT-210 (Adoption Agreement) (11/13/07)
    • Form ADOPT-215 (Adoption Order) (11/3/07)

    Finalize Adoption in County Court

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    • Send adoption announcements

    Secure proof of US citizenship for child:

    • Complete & file N-600 with US-CIS, pay fee
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    • File passport application
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    • Apply to SSA to get status changed from resident alien to citizen, SS# name changed (passport is proof)

    Start the process all over again for kid #2!